Make-up Class Policy


We understand that things happen in life.  Sometimes our students might not be able to attend their regularly scheduled classes.  At Kung Fu Infinity, we try our best to help you schedule make-up classes. 

Note that make-up classes are only applied to our one-class-per-week or two-class-per-week monthly plans.

Please follow the following guidelines:

  • Only students with active Kung Fu Infinity memberships can request make-up classes. Once your membership lapses, your make-up requests will be automatically rejected.

  • Make-up class requests should be made no later than two weeks after the missing classes.

  • Make-up class requests will be evaluated based on our availability. It is not guaranteed.

  • For one-class-per-week students, you can make up at-most one class every payment period.

  • For two-class-per-week students, you can make up at most two classes every payment period.

  • Make-up classes are final and are not reschedulable. 

To request a make-up class, please email us at