Temperature Check
Modified Operation for COVID-19

Kung Fu Infinity Martial Arts School is resuming our in-person classes in our studio with limited spots for each class. 

Highlights of our COVID-19 response:


  1. Smaller class size.  To enforce the class size limit, classes in  high-demand time slots will require a booking process.

  2. Stable cohorts.  Students will be scheduled in the way that they always train with the same group of people. 

  3. Frequent sanitization. All the training gears are sanitized between classes after each use.  Hand sanitizers and alcohol wipes are available for students to use.

  4. Temperature checks.  Our staff will take students' temperature upon their arrival.

  5. Mask and social-distancing.  Everyone enters our school is required to wear a mask. Our coaches will make sure that our students are at least 6ft apart during training.

    * We understand that CDC is lifting the mask mandate. However, due to the fact that most of our students are unvaccinated kids, we will still require every student to wear a mask in our school.

We are asking our students and parents to help keep our community safe:

  1. Please stay home if you may be sick.

  2. Please wear a mask during your training. If you want to take if off, go outside.

  3. Please use hand sanitizer before and after class.

  4. Please bring your own water bottles. (To reduce common touch space, we no longer provide bottled water.)

  5. Please only come to the classes that you are assigned to.

  6. To limit the number of people in our school, parents please wait outside during classes.

  7. If you have traveled out of California, we strongly recommend you to stay at home for 14 days before resuming your in-person training. You can participate in your class virtually during this period of time.

If you have any questions, or want to report an incident, please contact us at info@kungfuinfinity.com.