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Owner and head coach

Joshua is a distinguished martial artist and proud graduate of Beijing Sport University, the preeminent institution for sports education in China, known for producing numerous Olympic champions. With over 13 competition awards, including six national and international championships since 2002, he is a seasoned competitor and Chen-style Tai Chi lineage holder.

As a lead instructor and head coach, Joshua has nurtured the talents of his students, guiding them to success in national and international tournaments, with six selected for the US National Wushu Team and one earning gold at the World Traditional Wushu Championship.

As the owner of Kung Fu Infinity Martial Arts School, Coach Joshua is dedicated to providing the best martial arts training to his students and is committed to the success of his students. Through his leadership and guidance, Kung Fu Infinity Martial Arts School has become a top destination for martial arts enthusiasts in the community.

Coach Conary Kao



Coach Conary Kao has trained in wushu for 12 years, winning medals at local competitions and national team trials, and he's a member of the U.S. Traditional Wushu Kung Fu Team preparing for the 2023 9th World Wushu Kung Fu Championships. With his experience in other martial arts like Folkstyle wrestling, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiujitsu, Conary brings a unique perspective to his wushu practice.

As a coach, Conary's goal is to provide the best possible wushu experience for his students. He helps them develop the physical capabilities to perform forms and sets to the best of their ability, understand the martial application behind each movement, and apply what they learn to real-life scenarios for effective self-defense.



Manager |"Sidekick"

During the workweek, Julia is a software engineer in Silicon Valley, but on the weekends, she takes on the role of school manager. As a school manager, she oversees various aspects of the business and operations, which includes but is not limited to student enrollment, market analysis, business strategy, customer service, IT support, financial planning, business administration, and hiring/recruiting.



The Kung Fu Infinity Martial Arts School is currently seeking to hire Kung Fu coaches. This opportunity offers excellent hourly compensation with a bonus, a 401K plan, paid time off, and flexible working hours.

For further information, please refer to our job posting.

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