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Coach Joshua Wang


Owner and head coach

Joshua is a distinguished martial artist and proud graduate of Beijing Sport University, the preeminent institution for sports education in China, known for producing numerous Olympic champions. With over 13 competition awards, including six national and international championships since 2002, he is a seasoned competitor and Chen-style Tai Chi lineage holder.

As a lead instructor and head coach, Joshua has nurtured the talents of his students, guiding them to success in national and international tournaments, with six selected for the US National Wushu Team and one earning gold at the World Traditional Wushu Championship.

As the owner of Kung Fu Infinity Martial Arts School, Coach Joshua is dedicated to providing the best martial arts training to his students and is committed to the success of his students. Through his leadership and guidance, Kung Fu Infinity Martial Arts School has become a top destination for martial arts enthusiasts in the community.


Qin Zhou

Visiting Coach

Coach Qin Zhou offered coaching expertise in both China and Japan, brings over two decades of Kung Fu practice to her role. As an experienced Kung Fu coach, Coach Zhou not only imparts her vast knowledge but also balances her professional commitments with being a devoted mother. As a mom, her aspiration for her kids to embody respect, confidence, and focus mirrors the core values instilled in every student of hers.


Zheng Li

Visiting Coach

Coach Li served as a National Referee and Coach within China, and in various USA Wushu team trials:

  • Secured the title of Champion in both Tai Chi and Nine-Section Whip at the 5th WuShu International Championship, held in Hong Kong in 2007.

  • Emerged as Champion across five categories: Straightsword, Tai Chi, Sparring, Tuishou (Push-hands), and Broadsword during the 4th WuShu International Championship in Hong Kong, 2006.

  • Claimed victory in Tai Chi and Sparring (double broadsword vs. spear) at the World Wushu Championships in Macau, 2005.

  • Dominated at the 7th National University Games of China in 2004, winning Champion in Straightsword, securing 2nd place in Qiangshu (spear), and taking 3rd place in Sparring.

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